Working with Brandon was great!  He guided me through the whole process.  He was proactive in the approach to getting my approval process easy and fast.  I would recommend iHome Mortgage and Brandon Webb to anyone looking to help with their refinancing of their home loan.

                                                                                                                                         -- Mike Mellick

"Professionalism, Honesty and Total Customer Service; if this is what you value in a business relationship, then Brandon is for you. His attention to details to deliver his client what sets him above the rest. Brandon takes the time to listen to his clients need, present his clients with options to satisfy their needs and builds raving fan relationship for life. When his files close and fund, his client are well informed of the details so no surprises arise!!"

-- Walter Borawski

"I recently referred a family member to Brandon. This in and of itself demonstrates the level of trust I have for Brandon. I referred him a transaction a few years ago I was certain, couldn't get done, but Brandon proved me wrong and was able to get around tax liens, mechanics liens, low credit scores, etc. If you are looking for a reverse mortgage, not only will Brandon get it done if it's possible, but he will provide some of the most competitive terms the industry offers on reverse mortgage financing."

-- Steve Chizmadia

"I had the pleasure of having Brandon on my team at Countrywide. This young man is extremely focused on detail. He very much cares about Customer Service and the quality of his work. I would recommend him to anyone. He will get the job done if there is a WAY."

-- Robin King

"Brandon is well respected in the mortgage industry. He is extremely personable, professional and knows everything there is to know about reverse mortgage financing. He is passionate about helping seniors and has proven this by the many seniors' lives he has changed for the better."

-- Denine "DeDe" Fadell

"Brandon Webb is the best reverse mortgage guy in the business. He has a very high level of integrity, He is an expert in his field."


-- Patrick Marelly

"Brandon is a fantastic resource for obtaining a Mortgage. I consider him a part of my lending team, as he takes great care of any referrals I give him. He is able to relate well to clients and has incredible follow-through, getting loans done quickly and accurately. And he reports back to me wonderfully. You will love working with Brandon on your Mortgage."


-- Craig Griffin "Expert Direct Lender CA"

"Brandon gives his clients knowledge, experience, and excellent service to those seeking reverse mortgages."


-- Chuck Weinberger, CCIM

"I've witnessed Brandon's commitment to assist his senior clientele through their reverse mortgage process with dedication and compassion. He watches over his client's loans and makes sure any issues are dealt with immediately and to his client's satisfaction."

-- Laura Strickler

"After 2 years in the financial services industry, I know how much trust you would like to have an adviser. I have had the opportunity to get to know Brandon and have every bit of confidence that he is the person to speak with if you are looking into a mortgage."


-- David Bone

"Brandon was a great underwriting associate at Countrywide! Everything we needed from him came SUPER fast. Great to work with him."

-- Luke Syres

"Brandon is very well educated in his area, and has a great attitude about helping others, whether they are clients or not. I feel confident referring others to him. "

-- Danielle Barger

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